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Now is a good time to choose to be well, very well, in every respect. Come and experience the wellness of Mindfulness.

Here on this page you find everything you need - all the descriptions, dates, costs, times and venues of the Heart of Well Being Mindfulness sessions taking place in Groby, Leicester and Hinckley. You can book your place now.

There are so many wonderful benefits of learning and practicing within a group - helping each other on our journey is one of the most empowering things. At the heart of all these little Mindful groups is the sharing of quiet, still, awareness. I always see it .

"Hi Marina, I enjoyed the class very much thank you...I think the revelation for me is how close to the surface the answers to our questions are sometimes....but we need pointing in the right direction with the right tools to unlock it all...and you're quite brilliant at that😊!!!!"

Meeting like this in a group creates bonds between the participants, all of which have set out on a similar journey. In so many ways this is helpful. For one thing it is offers people a deep reassurance. Many people find it difficult to meditate regularly at home alone. Yet when we come together as a Mindfulness group, it's easy! This ease arises because we are supported by the presence of others. The support of others is very helpful, therefore, as we continue on.

“Thank you so much for letting me join your session this morning, it was fantastic!!! I truly believe that this is what I need, I am feeling very positive for the first time in years. I have noticed how my mood has effected the household, it's so calm. Thank you again, see you next Monday and many more mondays!!!😀”

The way I see it, 'healing' is very important. It may not be word you'd use but deep down we each harbour some wound or other. I know this in my bones. The 'background' healing power of a being part of a group is well known. These heart-centered sessions can bring a tremendous amount of healing to everyone who attends. There is great energy that takes place when people come together in this way. As we learn from each other we develop great camaraderie.

Come and experience...

Come and experience your more natural state of wellness in a lovely, peaceful settings. The Atkins in Hinckley is a beautifully restored listed building, and The Natural Elements Clinic in Groby is calm and refreshing. Both practice locations offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Make sure you book your place as they get taken quickly and quite far in advance.

The places can get filled up quickly and quite far in advance.

'A Peaceful Place' - Beginners Mindful Afternoon Session: Women Only (every 2 weeks)

Next Session Date: Monday 13th November, from 4.00pm - 5.15pm
Venue: The Atkins Building in Hinckley LE10
Cost: £17.00 - Book Your Place and pay on the day

'A Peaceful Place' - Beginners Mindful Lunchtime Session: Women Only(every 2 weeks)

Date: Tuesday 31st October 1.00pm - 2.15pm
Venue: The Natural Elements Clinic, Groby LE6
Cost: £15.00 - Book Your Place and pay on the day

Private Mindfulness Session: Women Only in Hinckley and Groby

If the one-to-one personal attention of individual Mindfulness training would suit you better than a small group, then contact me to book a private introductory session. Many do this. The cost is £45.00 for a one hour session. Contact me to arrange

In good company . Ram Dass

Coming regularly

I see it time and time again. These Mindfulness sessions ignite something within people. Something that they want to taste more of, become more familiar with and return to.Like coming home.

It may interest you to know that 'A Peaceful Place' was set up with this in mind. It's for you, whether you have any experience or not. That doesn't matter. What does matter is that you have access to a regular place of serenity, learning, growing and goodness! It is a wonderful place to meet to develop a healthy mindful approach to life. And enjoy the experience of forming great bonds and connections with each other. After all, when all is said and done, we are all just walking each other home...

In good company . heart roses

You'll be in good company

It is not always easy to incorporate Mindfulness into our lives. We start and stop. And start. And stop. And become disheartened. Coming to these sessions regularly helps people connect up and learn Mindfulness within the kind of environment that makes it easier, good fun even, heartwarming, relaxing, healing and above all, inspirational.

People inspire each other. I see bonds being formed. I see people change and feel happier. I see uplift. I see real emotion. I see care. I see kindness. I see a shift in perspective and experience. I see stress and distress dissolve. I see people become hopeful and encouraged. I see new starts. I see Mindfulness gradually becoming a way of life.

For people who have some experience or have been starting and stopping for some time, well The zen phrase 'beginner's mind' is apt! It's a state of mind that is open, fresh, ready, clear, uncluttered, new. Always new. It's a state of mind that we can always come home to. Returning to the beginner's mind over and over again is incredibly good for us. It is in this state of mind that we find all possibilities. This is where we are at our most creative.

So coming regularly can be very reassuring. Like coming home, metaphorically speaking. Ahhh, home. Home to our natural selves. This is a great way to learn and it really helps you to develop a solid foundation. You see it in different ways, you get it in different ways...

The other great thing about participating regularly is that you will be gradually developing your foundation within a supportive environment, alongside like-minded others. This matters. It is not always so easy to go it alone. Sometimes I think we underestimate the deep profound value in groups of people coming together. We are so busy isolating ourselves behind computer screens, we forget how human contact lifts our hearts. And it does.

The idea of running these sessions is for you to get a real experiential sense of how Mindfulness feels and how it will help you change your life situation.

So each Mindfulness session is a stand-alone. And as the dynamics always differ on each, so will your personal experience. As each one is self-contained you can come along to as many as you possibly can. You'll most likely find other people there that you met before!

Please note: I'm here! It can be challenging sometimes to stay on track when we are cultivating a new way of being. Whenever you feel the need for extra support in between sessions / classes, you can contact me by phone or email.

Well wishes,


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