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Could the best be yet to come?

Hard to image? Yet with a few shifts here and there, everything changes. Everything.

I'm talking about shifts in 'mind'... external changes are nice and handy, but they are not IT. The real change is internal — because it's a shift in consciousness.

As we women journey through life we pick up a great deal of wisdom on the way. What a great time to access it all! What a great time to shift those old attitudes and perceptions that just don't serve you anymore. What a great time to surge forward with a greater vitality in mind and heart, greater clarity, and a growing sense of peacefulness and understanding.

Living on purpose

An odd thing to say perhaps. Well yes. But have you? Do we? Can you?

In spite of all our best attempts to make everything and everyone the way we want it, life does what it does. And we mostly live it in auto mode - a sort of knee jerk reacting living. Sometimes we feel scared and powerless, as if we are helpless to do anything to change the given situation: Not being able to prevent someone from dying is a stark example.

Living life on purpose is so very different. For one thing, it vastly lessens that underlying sense of helplessness. We get to choose how we 'be'.

Life is a great teacher, they say. Yes, we say. And we know that this is a kind of experiential learning, not intellectual. We are living it!

Mindfulness teaches us everything about living life on purpose, experientially. It teaches us that nothing stays unchanged, which we know and yet tend to fear or resist. And so it teaches us how to find the ok'ness is the impermanence of everything. It teaches us that we do far better when we learn how to flow with and let go of resisting change.

Aging is change. We know this on all levels: superficially and at a very deep level of our being. And aging is hard sometimes, isn't it? Maybe tinged with a sadness at best. Or a fierce and firey 'doesn't bother me' attitude. For me this is where Mindful living soars. It can take us far beyond all the fear and grasping and resisting and fighting and pushing and more fear, and the funny ways we attempt to counter the fear. It can take us to a lovely place of joy and peacefulness and wisdom. Our natural state no less!

Loving later life. Spring Lamb Hero

Come and experience our women-only teachings

As many a famous teacher has said: You can't live the afternoon of your life in the same way as you lived the morning of your life.... It's so true isn't it?

Yet all too often this stage of life leaves a sense of yearning and restlessness, like something deep within is shifting and we don't know what it is, or what to do with it, or where to go with it.

The world is changing and so are we. It's all about life's meaning essentially, I feel. It's because we understand things in a different way as we journey through life that we can feel this sense of being out of sorts, as it were.

This is where the study and practice of Mindfulness can help tremendously. Come and experience an introduction to Mindfulness. See how things start to make sense. Or start to look different. It's an incredible way to live the afternoon of life. See where it takes you.

What's on?

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