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The Breathing Space comes to Kirby Muxloe

Wow, and don't we need space to breath? This is a wonderful new womens weekly class... all breath-work and meditation.

This class differs from A Peaceful Place as there is very little formal teachings, and more practical, experiential breathing practices... We are peacefully located in a lovely private space within Kirby Community Library... book on and begin enjoying the calming health benefits of meditation.

What great news!. womanonmountain

What great news!. NaturalElements

Mindfulness comes to Groby, Leicester

I'm continuously asked to run the sessions in Leicester.

So here I am....in the lovely village of Groby, just on the outskirts and about a 12 minute drive from the city center.

Its happening on Tuesday lunchtimes, fortnightly -'A Peaceful Place': Mindfulness for Beginners - our women-only group class. Pay on the day, £15, but remember you need to book your place.

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Mindfulness in Leicestershire Schools

One Hour Now is coming to Leicestershire school staff... in 2018

An awesome gentle and effective one hour session to help teaching and support staff eliminate the harmful stress responses. All you have to do is book me in to your school! For one hour.... Now.

The 3 reasons we use to not meditate

Meditation. It is very likely not what you think it is. Mindful meditation is very likely not at all what you think it is. Is mindfulness another word for meditation? No. Or the other way round? No. Meditation is a very effective way of practicing mindfulness. We call it formal practice. But in fact mindfulness is every moment of every day life. And day to day life is a brilliant teacher. But here, this video is outstanding. Because he captures, in a light-hearted way, just what most of us go through when we start to practice. And in its own way, I find this to be very inspirational. Enjoy!

Just look at these brain scans!

The science is in! Here we go.

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A gift for life

I'm not kidding! Mindfulness is a gift indeed and one without end. We gift ourselves freedom from our chaotic minds. And in so doing we gift ourselves control over our lives. There is nothing faddy or temporary about this. Its for life. Thank goodness!

So why not gift a woman in your life this beautiful opportunity - a personal one-one session with me? It will be a lovely way to introduce her to mindfulness and the calming breathing practices. Don't we all have a female friend or relative who is looking to improve their well being? Who recognises that they need to change the way they deal with things?

Then buy her the gift of mindfulness. One hour session - at the practice in Groby or Hinckley - a wonderful way to start on a new path of wellness. Just £45.00.

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More women are coming for a private one-to-one session with me

These women-only private sessions are wonderful. Quiet and peaceful we learn and practice and learn and practice.

Sitting on comfortable chairs we meet at my delightful consulting rooms at The Atkins in Hinckley or at Natural Elements Clinic in Groby. Sessions are for 1 hour and cost £50.00.

We are all so very different and women find that the personal attention helps to start off this wonderful process in a gentle, yet very effective way... You can come 2 of you - mother and daughter or 2 friends perhaps? Book your session today!

Heart is home

We need this news ... there is something remarkable about this video ... mindfulness is heartfulness. It was never an intellectual thing, always a heart thing. Always loving. Deep. Profound. Head stuff gets us from A to B, but heart stuff is the language of the universe. Always. A language we've temporarily forgotten...

What great news!. Edale

Chaos and calm

The difference between chaos and calm is one breath. This is what the practice of mindfulness teaches us. And practice it is.

You don't come once and that's it, got it, sorted. Just like you would not expect to go to the gym once and that's it, got it, sorted. No, because it is a practice that is gradually absorbed... it soaks in.

Chaos and calm. Do you need this hilltop? No. Do you need the holiday? No. Do you need the.... ? No, because you already have it. We all do. Its already built in. So whatever happens in our lifetimes, however distressing, we can find a little piece of calm, inside. Inside.

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