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Hello! Short and Sweet is the theme... it is my hope that here, you will find words that heal, encourage and support. Plus mindful musings that ground us all, uplift us and expand our collective view. Enjoy, take action, begin your mindful journey to health ...

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When the student is ready

(24/5/18) 'When the student is ready the teacher appears'. An ancient proverb, I believe. How true this is. For me, you, all of us. We simply will not truly do anything until we are ready. So how do we know we are ready for mindfulness, for change, for healing our hearts? Well, I honestly feel its 'a process of becoming'. I will speak from my experience... I thought I was ready. In part, I was. But the larger part of me was resistant. I think this was subconscious. So whilst I was saying to myself that I want to do this, I must do this, its great, I can learn this... etc, there was something stopping me that was out of my conscious awareness. So it showed itself like this: I would read and read and read and read about mindfulness and the depths to which it could take me. I loved it. But practice - nah. I think I was a bit scared of practice. I don't entirely know why. So whilst I was busy with the learning in one way, I was resisting it in another way.

Now then - my point is this. Its OK. Its all a process of becoming. And we never get there. We are beginners, babies, and that's ok. So my reading lead on to something more... little by little, in my time, my time, my time. Not according to anybody elses timetable. If this is you, its ok. You may just want to stay on the edges for some time. Reading, following, touching base with this website or the class community, or the FB page. And why not? When you are ready you will find who and what you need, you really will. In the meantime, nothing is wasted. It is ALL profoundly valuable. Enjoy it all. Relax and trust your inner wisdom.

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Remembering Simplicity

(6/4/18) Sometimes I think we complicate everything. It makes my head hurt. I can feel confused and overwhelmed by the stress of mass reactive complication. I get all caught up...

That is, until I see that I'm all caught up. And that's the key! Seeing it! And yet we don't! We just carry on carrying on and on and on...

But when you see it... you see it. You see the futility. You see the mind games. You see the unimportant. You step outside and the sky gets bigger, the tensions drop away and you remember the greater picture. You remember simplicity. Step outside. Nature will help you to remember the simplicity in a seemingly complicated world.

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Daily Doses of Mindful Moments

(21/1/18) We can all sprinkle short moments of mind-rest throughout the day. After all its so incredibly healthy for us! Yet, we tend to forget! Because we are all caught up with this and that and to stop and pause, well it just 'slips our mind'. You may find it helpful to set yourself little reminders... for instance, drinking your tea, brushing your teeth or red traffic lights. Or even using the stairs. At these times you can take full advantage to tune in to the direct experience. You can do this by mentally pausing and shifting your full attention to the present moment. Become very aware of the task in hand. Not thinking, awareness. And at the traffic lights - not thinking, awareness of your breath. Just that. Simple. Build these daily doses of mindful moments into your day. Start now. It soon becomes a habit and don't we know how hard they are to break!


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Life on the Run

(03/12/17) Have you ever noticed how anxiety cranks up your need to control? And look how the controlling shows up in different ways. You may feel the urgent need to: clean frantically, know where people are, organise others, have things how you think they should be, arrange a manic schedule, push yourself to achieve this or that, work out excessively.... it goes on and on. The point is all of it is a form of running away from the anxious feelings. We simply find it too difficult to feel them, just as they are. So control sets in. This exhausts us. This harms us. Its a nasty and vicious circle. Its vicious because it attacks our health and wellness. And it is completely ineffective - the anxiety is still there. Mindfulness practice allows us to stop running. Only then can the healing takes place. Life on the run has to change - our bodies keep the score remember...


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Open Hearted

(14/11/17) I see so many people who are, unknowingly, to some degree, closed off, hardened and defended.... who are tightly closed, their barriers erect, walled off, unable to give from the heart and unable to receive from the heart. These folk are only 'ok' with head stuff and practicals and logicals and rationals. Anything else - whooooah!

If this is you, sometimes, often, occasionally, I wonder... can you decide to choose another way? Because the hardened off way is extremely bad for you and for your family and for the community. It creates much unhappiness. Much illness in fact.

When we begin to soften our hearts, just a tad at first, we are kinder, more compassionate, more fully human. And right now, you and I need this, as does our entire planet.

It starts with me, and with you. It starts at home. We can let go a little. We don't need to shut down. We can allow our natural human light to shine. Mindfulness practice allows for this. Little by little we soften, but not in a pushover way. We soften in a secure way. Try it.


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Take a Leaf from Natures Book

(6/11/17) I can't help noticing the rise in anxiety - there's a lot of it about with the changing of the seasons. The dark nights are here and nature is prepping for a good, long, peaceful slumber....

We, meanwhile, are filling our heads and hearts with fearful complicated stories. Can we simply notice when we are doing this? Just notice and let go. Thats all. Thats it. Notice. Without more story adding. Without a judgement. Notice and let go gently.


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