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For the greater good

The intention behind Heart of Well Being's Facebook is simple:

To ignite a spark of recognition...

There are moments when something really gets us, just fleetingly. It feels like a spark of realisation, a vague remembering, a glimmer of familiarity, an aching knowing, a far away memory, a known yearning, a long lost something - hard to describe. But you get the idea. You know what I mean because you've experienced it.

We're deep. And within that depth there is so much wisdom and knowing. Sometimes a phrase, image, or particular words touch us deeply. And then a spark ignites. It's a kind of 'I know this...!!' sensation. It's an emotional reaction, not a head thing. We FEEL it in our bodies. And we're moved.

People are changing.... shifting their perspective, opening up, raising themselves up, uplifting others... feeling thankful, gratitude, feeling blessed. There's a need to help others, a collective co-operation and a need for less meaningless stuff.

People are searching for something that resonates. And, once the spark ignites, that's the beginning. We can start to change. Live differently. Feel different. We can start to feel happy. One good feeling leads to another and another. Far more than we realise, we are continually influencing each other... for the greater good.

So please support the Heart of Well Being Facebook. With care I'll be posting what resonates for me and hope that this sets off something within you, and then you set off something in others. I hope it uplifts, inspires and helps you (us) on your (our) forever journey. One post at a time. For the greater good.

Support me by sharing the post that touches you. The recipients will be also be moved. The internet interconnects us all in one vast web. We are all in this together. One journey. All fellow travellers, evolving, uniting, re-uniting. Returning, at last, to our hearts, our core, our home... Welcome Home.

Heart of Well Being Facebook There are new inspiring posts daily. Pass them on. Share freely. The photos I take, share freely. The words I write, share freely. The wisdom of others, share freely. We have no way of measuring how far and wide the incredibly uplifting benefits ripple out.... but ripple out they do.

Share freely, for the greater good.

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