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Mindfulness 'One Fine Day' Retreat in Leicestershire

'One Fine Day' Mindfulness Retreat is a glorious opportunity to step out of the complexity of your familar life to experience the peace your mind and body craves. It is all about gently letting go, just for one fine day, so you can experience how it feels to rest and renew. Experience a sense of being at ease. Uncluttered. Light. A freedom of heart, if you will.

This freedom is always there. It always exists. It is there, at the heart of all things. One Fine Day simply allows you access to yourself. A precious day indeed, free from the habitual non-stop thinking and doing. Beautifully restorative. Beautifully quiet. Beautifully free.

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Gloriously positioned

The setting for One Fine Day is simply stunning. Nanpantan Hall, Coach House and Estate are set in the heart of the Charnwood Forest area of Leicestershire. As soon as you arrive you'll know you are somewhere special.

Don't we all need space to breath? A settling down of the upset, the grief, the chaos, the anxiety, the stress?

Nanpantan Hall and Estate exudes peace and calm, which sets the scene for the whole day. Come on your own or with someone. But essentially allow this to be your place to retreat to serenity. And what a place!

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Mindfulness and meditation

One Fine Day invites you to experience the beautiful practice of Mindfulness. For those new to this, the day is a perfect opportunity to learn about Mindfulness, meditation and the way we work. There is plenty of unhurried time for us to try out and practice different kinds of meditation.

And for those of you with experience, what better way to reconnect with the practice! One Fine Day offers you a time for cultivating Beginners Mind - very therapeutic, very grounding - a great re-minder!

You know sometimes we just need to step out of things. Step aside. Step back. If we're honest don't we have a hard time doing just that? We prefer being in control of EveryThing. Trying to force and fix, Trying to push and shove. Trying to make other people a certain way. Trying to get the world to be how we want it.

This is where you can learn about a different approach to living. It isn't pink and fluffy. It is real life! Just different to how you see it. It's all a matter of how you approach things. How you 'be'. Your presence. Your awareness. Your level of consciousness.

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Step back

We don't even know how distracted we are most of the time - so completely unaware we are of the relentless toxic stress we create for ourselves.

Step back. Step into One Fine Day. See where it leads you. Fine teachings, fine people, fine food, fine discovering, fine learning, fine relaxing, fine comradeship, and a fine introduction to a new way of being in life.

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It's undisturbingly blissfull at N.H! There is so much to soothe your tired mind and soul.

There's an enchanting secret dell, cool woodlands to explore, acres upon acres of fresh open space, a vast ever changing sky, walled gardens, a fabulous labyrinth, stunning views, the garden terrace....

Then there's the magnificent house - our home for the day! The peaceful Withdrawing Room is where we are spending most of our indoor time. The name says it all. And the views from our lovely room are a healing balm in itself.

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Join me for One Fine Day

Date: Summer Date TBC

Time: 10.00am - 4.30pm (arrive from 9.30am)

Location: The rural village of Nanpantan, Charnwood Forest, Leicestershire LE12

Cost: £120.00

Booking: Now.

The cost includes all mouth watering snacks, unlimited fresh fruit, a delicious vegetarian lunch, unlimited refreshments. And of course. cake.

I know everyone always says it - 'spaces are limited'. But it is very true! I really can't take too many. Please call me to reserve your place. We'll then go through the details and so on.

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Your day to start loving your life

This is your day to press pause, take in some clean air, enjoy fresh learning, absorb nature or roam the fields and woodlands. We'll do teachings, learning, different kinds of meditation, quiet reflection, and put our feet up and chat if we are so inclined!

We'll also enjoy short periods of silence. There's healing in silence. We can walk the labyrinth. Or we can take a meditative walk through the stunning grounds of this National Forest estate. We will enjoy mindfulness in nature and marvel at the glory of nature. We'll laugh and not take ourselves seriously. We'll have an experience that is felt deeply. Very healing. Very exciting!

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We'll practice being in the uncomplicated present moment. The only moment we are alive. It is all there is. There is only now. We'll become aware of our addiction to worrying about what has gone before or what is to come.

Unknowingly we make things so messy. So complicated. This is your day to start looking at your life in a different way, to start loving your life.

Enjoy an uncomplicated day. Simple. Easy. You will certainly leave the retreat different to how you arrived.

Have a chat with me about booking your place on One Fine Day. Call me, Marina on: 07342 652090

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With gratitude and thanks to NanpantanHall for all the above photos.

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