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Welcoming women home...

You are home here, and within these mindful pages you will find a peaceful place... let it be your sanctuary.

Its all here, contained within... that is to say, the beauty and transformative power of mindfulness is right here, right now, on the webpages and also within every moment of your life. This very moment is the start...

2 Classes in 2 Locations: Kirby Muxloe and Hinckley
Here it is!

Its easy to make contact with me!

Ask away, query, chat... Or book your peaceful place. You can book on the women-only classes in Kirby Muxloe and Hinckley by calling me: 07342 652090 or email here.

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Mindfulness will change your life

At the heart of well-being there is mindfulness. Simple. For sure. No exceptions. Mindfulness will change your life. This is a fact. The scientific evidence is off the map! But helpful and exciting as that is, we don't really need the science because the change in how we feel is far more powerful.

I'm Marina Broadley, and the founder of Heart of Well Being. I'm a dedicated Mindfulness teacher/practitioner, and a very experienced professional counsellor in Leicester and Hinckley. Heart of Well Being in Hinckley and Leicester is all about women learning how to change their lives with Mindfulness for Beginners classes and private sessions. So, if you want to be happy, healthy and well, then you've found the right place. Welcome home.

Know this: Mindfulness is the single most important thing you can do to improve your life. This website is a real stunner - here you will find everything you need for starting your mindfulness journey to health and happiness.

Quiet time is vital. Too many of us are on the run. We are burning out.

In some sense beginnings can be easy. Exciting. Full of promise. Developing a whole person understanding to Mindfulness or Meditation is very important. We all seem to need continual reminders, which daily life presents to us without fail. But we are also very skilled at falling back into our old ways and familiar patterns.

Applying Mindfulness into day to day life can be challenging, and this is what I help you with. Rest assured that learning how you can live mindfully is the best thing you can do for your peace of mind and your overall health and happiness.

My core message is simple:
If we want to improve our lives, better support our loved ones, change our communities, live more peacefully, boost our immune systems, be well on every level ... we must go to the centre, to the core, to the heart of things. We must return 'home'. We must start with ourselves." Welcome Home. Welcome to Mindfulness.

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Greatly improve your well being

We are living in an exciting time. It seems that we are being drawn towards personal development and raising consciousness in greater numbers that ever before. We are sensing something 'different' at this particular time in history. So many people have a sense that there's a better way to live. That there's something 'more'. That everything is speeding up. That something is shifting. It is hard to put into words. But it generates a particular kind of restless hopefulness. And an eagerness.

Of course there are many ways in which we can greatly improve how we experience life, essentially our states-of-being in the world. Finding the right counsellor is one way. Mindfulness is another. Finding the right 'teacher' is part of all of it. I trained to teach the incredible value of Mindfulness for one reason - therapeutically, it resonated deeply. And that feeling continues....the wonderful effects are both subtle and profound.

Book on 'A Peaceful Place' in Hinckley or 'The Breathing Space' in Kirby Muxloe Here it is!

Aren't we all looking for better ways of coping? Aren't we all secretly scared - at least a little, at some level? Increasing numbers of women all over our planet are turning toward practices that nurture, strengthen and boost their resiliance. Again and again in the Mindfulness sessions I pick up that women sense the need to uncover ways of managing life in a better way.

This is precisely why the wonderful practice of Mindfulness is so crucial. It is crucial because it enables us to generate our own innate incredible healing powers - healing powers that nurture us with a deep acceptance, a guiding support and a regenerative energy.

We all have a tendency to turn to self-healing practices when things are challenging. But Mindfulness generates goodness for all times. It's a way of life, so essential right now.
Feel what it's like for your entire nervous system to slow down

Starting today, you can set a conscious intention to release harmful toxins. And then clear a little space to attend to your needs, your well being. Join with other women who too are intent on developing a more healing, refreshing and peaceful way of being.

In fact, the very act of setting a conscious intention generates good feeling chemicals within our bodies!

Welcoming women home. Ram Dass

Feel what it's like to come home

We don't always realise this: our outer lives reflect our inner state. And our inner state reflects our outer lives. It's all circular. It's only when we create harmony and balance in our minds and bodies, that we will find it in our lives. I find this incredible! It means that when we change, our experience of life changes accordingly. Honestly, can anything be more empowering!

The way I see it, healing is terribly important. Deep down we each harbour some wounds. I know this in my bones, as you may also. The subtle healing power of a being part of a group is well known. The Mindfulness sessions and meetings are not without feelings. They are from the heart and can bring a tremendous amount of healing to everyone who attends. There is great energy that takes place when women come together in this way. As we learn from each other we develop great camaraderie. After all, at the very core of things, we are all just walking each other home.

  • Feel what it's like to begin to restore your mind and body to its more natural state.

  • Feel what it's like to let go a little and gradually release things that have been a burden, that clog you up, that block your energy, your life-force.

  • Feel what it's like to feel lighter, free, and well!

  • Feel what it's like to gain clarity, to feel connected to life, to feel uplifted.

  • Feel what it's like for your entire nervous system to slow down as you align with the present moment.

  • Feel what it's like to come home to your natural self.

    Like everything in life, you can read a great deal about this, but it is only through direct experience that you will see how Mindfulness is a fascinating process, and has the potential to be incredibly beneficial. There is nothing like it.

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    Rest, renew and restore

    All the sessions are completely suitable for beginners, and for those women who intuitively understand the enormous value in maintaining 'a beginners mind'. This does not mean it's easy, but it is immensely supportive. This is important because in reality going it alone can feel difficult at times.

    Always the focus is on relaxing the body and calming the mind and nervous systems. This is how we uncover our natural healthy and happier selves.

    Come and experience

    There are so many wonders of experiencing Mindfulness and Meditation within a small group. As we each discover different personal benefits we empower or heal others. Whether we realise it or not you can't evoke something positive in yourself without it having a beneficial effect on others. It's impossible.

    Similarly, you can't evoke something positive in another without it having a beneficial effect on you. And so the beneficial effect is circular!

    Join me. This really is your time to rest, renew and restore. You are about to learn a better, healthier, happier way to live your precious life.

    My best wishes,

    Marina 💚

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