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The Classes: A Peaceful Place & The Breathing Space

My women-only beginners mindfulness classes A Peaceful Place & The Breathing Space are simply like no other. They are nurturing and empowering, taking place at 2 different locations, on different days/times. A Peaceful Place takes place monthly in Hinckley. The Breathing Space takes place monthly in Kirby Muxloe, Leicester.

Here on this page you will find all the details and you can book your space.

A Peaceful Place: HINCKLEY:

When next: Sunday 3rd February

Where: The Atkins Building in Hinckley

Time: 10.00am - 11.30am (arrive 9.45am)

Cost: £25.00 paid in advance. Non-refundable & non-transferable

The Breathing Space: KIRBY MUXLOE

When: Wednesday 13th February

Where: The Community Library at The Park

Time: 2.05pm - 2.50pm

Cost: £8.00 paid on the day

The Classes. heart roses

What a great way to learn

The classes are an awesome way to change from chaos to calm. If you are completely new to mindfulness and or to meditation, then so much the better!

If you have some experience then you will love the sense of belonging here. You will love the reminders. You will love coming back home to your natural self...

We practice different kinds of meditations and breath work. We become familiar with simple calming breathing practices. Listen to real meditative music. Learn from special readings. And learn how to regulate our feelings and emotions. We rest our minds.

The Classes. Fir Tree

At ease

A Peaceful Place: The Class at Hinckley is monthly and paid in advance.

The Breathing Space: The Class at Kirby Muxloe is monthly and paid on the day.

We each experience the teachings differently, yet there are many common health benefits shared by us all. We are inspired by the other women present. We learn how to harmonise our minds and bodies. We discover the way to our hearts. And gradually realise that the parts that need healing, will heal. We sense that we raise our vibration. We find the stillness we crave. Little by little we discover how to let go of what does not serve us.

We begin to shift our level of consciousness. And realise through experience that we can be so much more. We are more peaceful. And maybe for the first time, feel empowered. And know how it feels to be present, now. We learn how to simplify our lives. And we make friends.

The Classes. The Woods

It's so good for you

Can it be any better? There is much great research about the incredible health benefits of mindfulness, as well as the health benefits from 'being part of something' - belonging. You will find this here on my classes.

You simply cannot experience this kind of goodness stuck behind a computer screen. You can't get this kind of goodness on your own. You need to be there. Part of it. A mindful participant...!

By the way, we sit on chairs. But you are very welcome to bring a mat or cushion if you prefer. I mention this because the question comes up a lot. Not everyone feels ok sitting on the floor.

Choose, book, pay...

Choose what fits.... the classes takes place at my practices in Hinckley LE10 and Kirby Muxloe LE9. The space is relaxed, warm and friendly. What could be better?

Book your place.... Payment... remember only Hinckley is paid in advance. This is non-refundable. This secures your place.

Book and pay by contacting me right here: Book your place here

The Classes. Atkinsexterior

The Class in Hinckley

When: Sunday 3rd February

Where: The Atkins Building in Hinckley

Time: 10.00am - 11.30am

Cost: £25.00 paid in advance. Non refundable or transferable

'A Peaceful Place': The Class offers women a beautiful opportunity to reset and learn the foundation basics, understanding how our minds can lead us into stress and illness, learn what 'being in the now' really means, practice the power of the breath and more. This class is geared towards reducing anxiety and stress.

The Classes. KMPARK

The Class in Kirby Muxloe

When: Wednesday 13th February

Where: Kirby Muxloe Park Community Library

Time: 2.05pm - 2.50pm

Cost: £8.00 paid on the day

The Breathing Space is a beginners breath-work and meditation class. A really wonderful opportunity to learn how to meditate and why to meditate. We enjoy experiencing the calming effects of the breath and the wonderful space to breathe in a transformative way.

We are learning and practicing how to meditate and how to use the power of the breath to reduce anxiety, tension, overload and stress. Mindful breathing is very effective in supporting our immune systems, aiding restorative sleep, calming the nervous system and quietening the frantic mind.

The class takes place within a lovely fresh room at the Community Library. We overlook the beautiful open spaces of the park, and what a lovely setting to quiet our minds! I run this class monthly - this helps us to weave essential practices into our daily lives.

Please know that this is NOT a drop in . You must book your place.

Book your place

You don't have to go it alone. Be part of this growing community of like and heart-minded local women. Change is happening! Start today. Set your intention. Make the shift. Your future self will be very grateful. Book your place here

My warmest wishes,


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