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Mindfulness in the workplace

Now more than ever do we need the presence of mindfulness at work. Do you realise the harm that is created by being surrounded by workplace stress?

Businesses and organisations all over the world are waking up to one simple fact: People become ill through stress and fear. When people are under stress they are unhappy. They are tired. They are resentful. They don't care about your bottom line or your productivity. They turn up, that's all. Its only a matter of time and your business or organisation will begin to suffer.

You know this. I know this. Its rampant. And it is toxic.

Be the change

You want a productive healthy environment? Then lead by example. Be the change you want to see happening. Nothing good comes from illness. Only wellness wins.

Introduce your valued staff to the calmness of mindfulness. See how they can integrate the practice into daily life. See how anxiety and negativity starts to dissolve.

Start with yourself. Change your own attitude to stress. Do the research. Realise that people struggle. Realise too that struggle is contagious. Decide to make mindfulness at work an essential part of the business.

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One Hour Now

One Hour Now is mindfulness session that serves as a powerful introduction to the practice of mindfulness. It is designed for groups of people involved with the same project or business.

This effective one hour session can help your people reduce harmful stress, improve moral, inject enthusiasm, inspire well-being and allow people to rest their over-thinking minds.

The session is for beginners. It helps people to see that there is something they can do for themselves to improve their mindset and the way they feel. This is empowering for people. When the chips are down we can all feel beaten and overwhelmed.

By learning about mindfulness, what it is, and what it isn't, by learning the breathwork practices, by learning how the mind works, by learning how our thoughts affect how they feel... they see that they can then choose a different way.

Set this up with me, Marina Broadley. I am a mindfulness teacher and professionally qualified psychological counsellor in private practice. So, contact me to talk it through and to book me in.

The cost of One Hour Now is £125.00. My contact is 07342 652090 and you can email me here:

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